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Mobile Truly Became M-Commerce This Christmas – What Does It Mean For The Local Business?

Motricity has released its study from Christmas, and if it’s numbers are to be believed, mobile has truly come into its own as a commerce venue.  Here are a few stats from their study:

  • 38% of consumers used a mobile device to purchase a gift
  • 37% used or signed up for a digital coupon using their mobile device
  • No surprise – 18-24 year olds were the most visible in the mobile space, with 41% using their mobile device to make a purchase
  • 25% cited a convenience factor, such as avoiding crowds and its multi-tasking features
  • 16% said savings was the driving factor for the purchase – putting to bed the notion that m-commerce is all about rapid (and rabid) price shopping

And it’s getting easier – at least in the eyes of consumers.  93% said they had an easy experience, with almost two-thirds saying they were planning on using the device more in the future!

What’s that tell us?  Well, mobile’s here baby.  And not just mobile – m-commerce.  What’s this mean for local search?  The reality is that your competition is now accessible by that little brick in your customers pocket.  Not just for online purchasing – it means you need to be found.  It means that you need to read this little article to make sure you’re visible to customers looking for you.

M-commerce is an easy analogy for how people are searching on the web.  If they’re making their online purchase decisions on their phones, it’s a safe bet they’re making offline business selection on their phones.  Are you going to be visible?


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