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2012 – 3 Predictions for the Coming Year

It’s that time of the year to look forward and plan for potential future innovations so we can be prepared to hone their advantages for our marketing plans.

If 2012 is anything like 2011, we can certainly expect change in fast motion once again.

So here is just a few  items keeping our eyes on in 2012 here at 15miles:

Brands Get Local – Most efforts today have focused on forcing national branding plans into the local markets, evidence is everywhere. From mobile coupons and offers that are uniform or the same in each in every market to stock photography of locations on each and every business listing.  In 2012 Brands will wake up to tailoring their local presence and markets.  While this targeted local shift will require additional work over the traditional national “broadcast” communication models, brand will learn the distinct benefits of locally tailored communication and promotion.  Here is an example of one marketer which is leading their competition in local:

What we like; events and classes for the local locations listed out.  E-mail list formation to stay up on local store events.  What could be improved; location specific specials/promotions.  Unique content from location page is not reflected in the Google Place Page a missed optimization opportunity.

Mobile Goes Mainstream – We have seen the very fast development of local/mobile lead generation take off in the second half of 2011.  Yet advertisers do not seem to be taking advantage of these “ready to buy” leads (clicks and calls).  In 2012, both local and brand advertisers will leverage this rich lead source.

Ratings and Reviews Become the #1 Consumer Selection Criteria – As rating content continues to grow and consumers are empowered to let other know about their Good and Not-so-Good experiences the importance of ratings and reviews will be further cemented as an area that all advertisers, large and small need to focus on.  A businesses’ reputation and how they deal with their customers is the most important customer service initiative for 2012.  The winners will know how to encourage their customers to share their experiences and deal with situations that help them improve the overall customer experience of their business.

What are your plans for 2012 in the above areas?  Do you have a comprehensive action plan?  Time to call 15miles and get expert advice honed from research and sound marketing practices?

Happy Holidays –

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